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Homescapes Hack

Homescapes Hack Features

  • Generate supplies
  • Mobile friendly
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Homescapes introduction:

Homescapes Hack is a puzzle based game where you have to match 3 or more items together. Completing levels gives you a stars which you use to decorate your mansion. Some levels are hardedr than other and you will need extra lives and moves to complete so our software arrive to help with extra coins ! Game will also offer diffrent quest and tasks to complete like cleaning your house or changing equipment carpets , furnitures and more. Help you main character named Austin to achive his goals and take care on his mansion by grinding and collecting more stars.

Homescapes Hack

Boosts and power ups in Homescapes Hack

Every level in Homescapes has a diffrent puzzle to solve . Games appeard when something goin to happend in Austins house like changing carpet or repairing equipment . Once you complete puzzle new stuff arrive to decor house. Some task are harder to complete in Homescapes Hack and you will need complete more than one to earn required resources. You will deal with diffrent shapes and colours of puzzles. Matching them together sometimes gives you a bonus in the form of chained reaction. Far as you are new power ups start poping up like rainbow ball by matching 5 same pieces. This ball is most powerful power up cause you can clear board very quickly. Homescapes Hack also offer pop ups like bomb , paper plane and rocket .

Homescapes Hack

Final Words of Homescapes Hack

For example rocket can be obtained by matching 4 pieces after you will be able to clear board in two directions . Next is bomb by matching 5 tiles in L or T shape and in effect you’ve got improvment to explode with two square radius.Dont forget to cooperate with in game characters they always have a mission for you with amazing rewards after.Homescapes is a constantly updated game and designers care for users so much by adding a new in game events. As you can see opportunities to get boosters and coins is uncountable amount. Just visit game regular and participate in event and by completing next levels. Maybe you realize already or not but game has a feature like List what you have to do in certain day. You shoudl follow that list in Homescapes Hack to make sure progressing game faster and scoring best rewards in game. Homescapes Hack always serves you to replenish your coin and stars account.