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Idle Heroes Hack

Idle Heroes Hack Features:

  • Selected amount of Gems
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Idle Heroes Hack Intruduction:

Idle heroes Hack is a mobile fantasy rpg game with turn-based combat system. Available on both platform Android and iOS. Game became very popular around teenagers with huge amount of download around 3-5 milions and high game rating . Number of heroes to build your team is uncountable and you can always try your team by challanging other players. Game a title lead has a Idle feature implemented to afk farming experiance and other resources. At the beggining you shoudl focus on acquirng the best and most powerful heroes before starting discovering other game features.

Idle Heroes Hack

Main goals in Idle Heroes Hack

Wise team building can give you an extra bonus like multiplier . Thats your choice instead building a composition preseted for bonus you can just build strong and solid team to push game progress further.Game has varied types of resources you shoudl quick learn how to use them properly to level up quicker and to what use them.For example coins its a basic currency and can be used to upgrading gear, leveling up heroes and purchasing items . Coins can be easy obtained by idle farming , completing quests , campaigns and climbing tower of oblivion etc. Next in queue we got gems premium currency used to buy or use more fancy stuff like arena tickets or casino spins and summon strong new heroes. Except buying this currency you can generate it through our tool or obtain by completing challanges ,daily quests , watching adverts and more.

Idle Heroes Hack

Few words about campaign and quest in Idle Heroes Hack

Other resources more or less important in game you can find is spirit , promotion stones , hero shards ,dragon scales and prophet orbs . Some of them can be obtained on events , idle farming or campaigns.Always take care on your player level its also a important thing cause this way unlock you new stuff and new areas in game . Campaign and focusing on it can boost you in getting level faster and make this most efficient. You can always set auto battle if had not enough time to do it manually. Idle farming can be efficient if you log in 7-8h intervals. Auto battling give you same resources as normal battles give you so exp,spirit,coins.Remember if you strugglin on certain level you can always check tutorials .

Idle Heroes Hack

You shoudl do not skip daily quest and events cause you will miss a lot of resources . Come on lets be honest no one like to spend real money on game so focusing in this kind of stuff its a good way also dont forget our generator . Disassembling heroes its a good way to get better heroes you shoudl use this feature many times . Thats a best way to shorten time of getting 4-5 stars heroes in your team. Always have an eye on marketplace if you had luck you will find an occasions to buy something cheaper than usually. Friends in game its also intresting aspect they can advice you with usefull tips and sometimes try to help you beat bosses.